QR codes in design: emerging trend

Monday, 9 January 2012

Babel Vessel by Michael Eden

The influence of the QR codes on sales and advertising is having a visual and conceptual impact on the design industries. Designers are exploring the connections between primary function and graphics and the possibilities these offer.

The Babel Vessel is an experimental project by Michael Eden, who is interested in the relationship between traditional craft skills and new digital tools. The piece has a recognisable period ceramic shape, and is produced using 3D printing. The built-in QR code allows the vessel to be scanned.

QR code crossword puzzle by Christian Svanes Kolding

Christian Svanes Kolding explored the visuals of a QR code to create a crossword puzzle. Available to download as a PDF file, the puzzle was created to celebrate the participation of Christian's short film, The Things We Keep, in MoMA's Talk to Me exhibition.

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