Prada's 24 Hour Museum

Friday, 27 January 2012

Photo courtesy of Prada Foundation
Striking that fine line between kitsch and covetable, Prada's 24-hour takeover of the Palais d'Iéna in Paris this week was more than a fleeting moment in art history. Artist Francesco Vezzoli, architectural think tank AMO and the Prada Foundation combined creative forces to produce a one-off event that traded on its ephemeral nature.

Image courtesy of Prada Foundation
Under Vezzoli's direction, the Palais d'Iéna was transformed by the presence of neon pink, Greek goddesses, Hollywood celebrities and thinly veiled references to the Oedipus complex.

The space was divided into three thematic areas, based on conventional museum spaces; Historic, Contemporary and Forgotten. For further details, subscribers can read our full Art Flash.