HBL Tradeshows: Live from Pitti Filati

Monday, 30 January 2012

Millefili-Bluring at Pitti Filati spring/summer 2013

Renewed optimism features heavily for Pitti Filati spring/summer 2013, with the Italian yarn industry taking a braver position in the face of a difficult economic climate, consequently focusing on the best of Italian tradition.

Brights: One of the most exciting updates is the bold use of colour. Sherbet pastel or fluorescent aspects give a technical modernity to yarns. Acidic lemon, lime, tangerine, sherbet pink and violet are key colours, often working against white or pewter grey.

Ormo at Pitti Filati spring/summer 2013
Novelty: Yarns from the finest through to the heaviest counts have more character and novelty aspects. Heavier yarns explore new fibre blends, constructions and novelty inclusions.

E Miroglio at Pitti Filati spring/summer 2013
Natural fibre blend: Natural fibre blends are again important for the season. Classic cotton, silk, and linen yarn updates use contrast elements including fine metallic twists, sparkling polyamide and foiling and coating for a look between rustic and hypermodern luxury. Clarity and softness are also explored, with the fibrous touch of linen or the smooth flatness of cotton modified by luxurious cashmere and Merino worsted blends.