HBL Tradeshows: Live from Interior Design Show 12, Toronto

Monday, 30 January 2012

Sung Outdoor Collection for HBC at IDS 12

Although there was snow and sleet outside, inside was all about bright colours, reclaimed materials and Canadian-made for those who crowded into the opening day of the Interior Design Show in Toronto.

Earth Inc. Designed Landscapes at IDS 12

Area rugs: Exhibitors showed off an array of vibrant colour and modern patterns, while relying on traditional materials such as silk and wool.

W Studio at IDS 12

Reclaimed materials: From shipping containers for booths to industrial pieces repurposed as decor, recycling has taken a new view - moving from eco-positive to reimagining what was once considered waste, in a confirmation of our A/W 12/13 macro trend Eco Hedonism.

Modern Weave at IDS 12

Orange: With summer so precious in this nation, a range of orange hues were seen throughout the exhibition - from kitchen to living room to outdoor spaces. Key shades included tangerine, peach, apricot, cantaloupe, salmon and coral.

Top three exhibitors

Bocci at IDS 12
Vancouver-based contemporary lighting company Bocci may have had a small exhibit space, but its impact has been large thanks to creative director Omer Arbel.

Key direction: Playing with finishes; the world according to Bocci shows glass and porcelain in clustered groupings.

Key item: The 14.1 pendant with smoked finish.

Elte at IDS 12
Now run by the fourth generation of the Metrick family, Elte chose to focus on texture and colour this season with a new collection of silk rugs and vintage and industrial-inspired furniture.

Key direction: Playing up old world connections, Elte’s current selections are focused on quality, textures and details.

Key item: The Silk Orchid Collection designed in-house is inspired by antique patterns and handmade with recycled silk sari fabric.

Tas at IDS 12
Toronto-based developer Tas Design Build was commissioned to create How Do You Live, a multi-storey dwelling featuring roomsets by a range of design teams, each housed within a single metal shipping container.

Tas at IDS 12

Key direction: Mixing style and function, the rooms evoke a modern design view of mixing contemporary and vintage, natural and manmade and texture and colour.

Key items: Mid-century furniture, but not buried in the past.