Chesapeake Bay Candle: S/S 12 collection preview

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Happiness Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle
US fragrance brand Chesapeake Bay Candle will launch its spring/summer 2012 range in March. Called the Happiness Collection, the new range comprises six scents - each inspired by a different aspect of happiness and available as either a candle or a diffuser.

Wink by Chesapeake Bay Candle
Mei Xu, president of the brand, says of the collection: "As sunny and bright as those lazy days of summer spent blissfully at the beach, we created this collection to evoke that same type of perfect, carefree feeling."

The Happiness Collection flower diffusers by Chesapeake Bay Candle
Six uplifting shades denote the scents. Bright orange Cheer uses tones of lemon, mandarin, blackcurrant and musk; fresh turquoise Delight draws on tangerine, pink grapefruit and water flower; apple green Glow is reminiscent of melon, iris and geranium; raspberry pink Wink evokes strawberry, rhubarb, pear and sugar; purple Bliss makes use of white tea and waterlilies as well as eucalyptus; and sunshine yellow Smile is infused with the scent of cherry, fruity florals and amber.

The Happiness Collection candle jars by Chesapeake Bay Candle

Candle jars retail at $12 each while the flower diffusers have a price point of $14. The collection is available from March 2012 at Hallmark stores throughout the US, and online via the Chesapeake Bay Candle website.

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