Sarah Frost: Transforming discarded keyboards into art

Thursday, 22 December 2011

US artist Sarah Frost has brought new meaning to recycling - by transforming old, discarded keyboards into large-scale art installations. Through them, she hopes to portray the connection between the effects of consumer culture and human mortality.

Collecting discarded pieces of keyboards from rubbish bins, small businesses and garage sales, she then glues the individual keys to cover walls in a mosaic style. The St Louis-based artist has showcased her art works Debris, Qwerty and Built throughout the United States.

With computer keys becoming artistic relics, we can see the future of laser keyboards in the WGSN-homebuildlife report Materials for Mobile Devices.

Frost says of her raw material: "Some have been personalized with discolouration, wear patterns and even hand writing. Yet in their installed form, the objects are part of something massive, and any individuality is lost in the whole system."