The Exchange Hotel, Amsterdam: rooms dressed as people

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Shoulder Pads Room by Malu Gehner © Mirjam Bleeker

The Exchange in Amsterdam is based around a new hotel initiative combining fashion and architecture by Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar. Eight students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) were selected to work on the rooms at the hotel; each based their designs for a room on a fashion metaphor.

Eighties Room by Roos Soetekouw © Mirjam Bleeker

The concept applied to The Exchange is similar to previous projects by Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar, including the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, and the Llove Hotel in Tokyo. The idea is to dress the rooms in the same way a designer would dress their models.

The Pleats Room by Paul Hanraets © Mirjam Bleeker
The Pleats Room, by Paul Hanraets, was inspired by the creases created in a simple white T-shirt when worn. The walls and surfaces of this room are draped in eco cotton pleats and folds.

The Crinoline Cage Room by Sofie Sleumer © Mirjam Bleeker

The Crinoline Cage Room by Sofie Sleumer references nineteenth century undergarments, with a giant crinoline cage made from wooden beams in the small attic room that surround the bed.

Mestiza Room by Juanita Koerts © Mirjam Bleeker

Juanita Koerts has created the Mestiza Room, taking inspiration from Frida Kahlo. Made to look like an evening gown, the room is covered in a chestnut crepe fabric, using traditional textile methods to gather and ruche the fabric. The ceiling is covered in the crepe fabric and decorated in sequins, jewels and beads.

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Growing Creature by Iris Kloppenburg © Mirjam Bleeker

Live Hand Drawing by Iris Kloppenburg © Mirjam Bleeker

Living in a Cardboard Box Room by Denise de Geiter © Mirjam Bleeker

Tailor’s Dummy by Design Studio Ina-Matt © Mirjam Bleeker

Building a View Room by Anne Wolters © Mirjam Bleeker

Infusion Room by Iris Kloppenburg © Mirjam Bleeker

Room of Misunderstood Creatures by Roos Soetkouw © Mirjam Bleeker
Manray's Eyes Room by Arjan Benning © Mirjam Bleeker

Urban Crafts Room by Anne Wolters © Mirjam Bleeker