HBL News: Design for 97.5% by Ford

Monday, 7 November 2011

Ford have announced that they are changing the proportions of their cars - as research shows that humans are growing significantly larger and taller. Ford engineers are now using 3D body data to design the new Focus to fit 97.5 percent of the global population behind its wheel.

"The latest 3D body data directly influenced the development of the seat travel, the cushion shape and the adjustment range of the steering wheel and foot pedals,” says Ralf N├╝rnberg, Ford’s attribute leader for Occupant Accommodation. “We use a global statistical database that gives us accurate size ranges of drivers in different parts of the world, it shows not only heights but also the different types of body statures.”

From this database, the engineers were able to make adjustments to suit different regions. For example, in some regions of the world where the average height is significantly smaller, the Focus was altered so that the maximum opening height of the boot was lowered to be comfortably within reach. Other adaptations of this kind have been applied to make it largely functional for most people.

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