HBL Exhibitions: Mischer’Traxler at Novalis Fine Arts gallery, Turin

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Until December 6th, Novalis Fine Arts gallery in Turin will host some of the most significant products and installations of the two young Austrian designers Mischer’Traxler. This first Italian retrospective, curated by Maria Cristina Didero, is focused on the creative philosophy of the Viennese design studio, which is often concerned with research into, and the discovery of, interactions between humanity and machines.

On show are a wide selection of their most representative projects and, exclusively for this exhibition, the new project 'Once piece, one edition'. In this work, commissioned by the gallery, the dismantling of a pendulum clock gives rise to a whole family of blue furnishing products.

The exhibit '(mis)using what is there' emphasizes the duo’s ability to use and transform objects in an unusual way, in order to discover their hidden aspects and to interpret them poetically and ironically.

Katharina Mischer (1982) and Thomas Traxler (1981) founded Mischer’Traxler in 2009 having graduated in Conceptual Design from the Eindhoven Design Academy. Since then they have won various prizes, the most recent of which was Designer of the Future Award, awarded by W Hotel together with Design Miami/Basel.