Condiment Junkie technologies for Selfridges' Christmas windows

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Using breakthrough technology by sound design company Condiment Junkie, London's Selfridges is turning its windows into oversized carol-singing music boxes for Christmas 2011, with the glass of the windows acting as a loudspeaker.

Each window is playing a selection of festive songs and, like a true music box, the windows are equipped with a touch-screen 'wind-up' system so that passers-by can control the music. Above is a window containing an orchid sculpture inside a giant snow globe designed by British sculptor Marc Quinn.

The songs played in the windows have been engineered by Condiment Junkie, who specialise in experiential sound design and interactive audio. The track list includes a selection of typical Christmas music as well as a specially developed recording that reflects what they imagine a ‘crystal clear Christmas’ would sound like: “part eerie, part frosty, part magical” say Condiment Junkie.

Scott King of Condiment Junkie comments, “Music boxes are associated with memories and fantasies - often built in to jewellery boxes or carousels... On a selection of the windows, passers-by will be able to wind-up the music boxes and set them off to play.”