HBL Tradeshows: Live from Dutch Design Week 2011

Friday, 28 October 2011

Rachel Griffin at Design Academy Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2011

WGSN-homebuildlife reports on the emerging trends at Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven:

Haptic experiences: Soft surfaces and unusual textures that invite the user to touch and play are found on the most unexpected of objects. Lighting designs that are draped in fabric, unexpectedly soft surfaces and highly textured hard surfaces are all popular design features.

Design that cares: A prominent theme throughout the exhibitions is design for the sick, disabled and elderly. Designers address specific illnesses such as dementia and diabetes, while others seek to improve social conditions and create a more inclusive society through the manufacturing and making of objects.

Post digital: Many designers explored what kind of design will emerge in the post digital age. While 3D printing, social networking and urbanisation were popular themes, other designers such as Rachel Griffin are exploring how traditional craft and new industrial processes and materials can be intertwined.

Subscribers can read the live briefing here, and can access the full report from the fair early next week.