HBL Exhibitions: Wild at Home by Robert Stadler

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

WGSN-homebuildlife takes a look at the pieces designed by Robert Stadler for Wild At Home, held at Triple V gallery in Paris from 9th September - 15th October.

Stadler's aim was to explore how an object can alter the place it is given to live in. As he explains, "With few exceptions, like for example the popularity of open-plan kitchens, the layout of our apartments rarely changes. Objects are always found in the same place and individual experiments remain rare: the electric outlet in the ceiling determines the position of the lamp beneath which a table is placed, around which chairs are positioned, and further on a television opposite a sofa."

Attempting to challenge the pre-conceptions of how we think a modern space should look, and how the furniture within it should be arranged and should function, Stadler showed two side tables which fits at either end of a sofa rather than in front of it, a rug which resembles an evaporated sofa, a light whose position is determined by tugging on a piece of string, and a free-standing storage system which could be interpreted for a  number of domestic tasks.