Origin preview: work in progress

Friday, 9 September 2011

Ceramicist Sue Ure applying bands of colour to her porcelain and stoneware vases
Craft exhibition Origin have shared with us some behind-the-scenes photos of the exhibitors, hard at work in their studios and workshops getting ready for the show. WGSN-homebuildlife takes a closer look at each artist's practice.

Ceramicist Linda Bloomfield shaping her thrown porcelain tableware on the potter's wheel
Sue Ure throws porcelain and stoneware vases, inspired by ancient Minoan ceramics. She has a strong eye for colour, adding bands of colour to each piece one it has been biscuit fired. 

Fellow ceramicist Linda Bloomfield makes thrown porcelain tableware, finished on the outside with a satin matt glaze and on the inside with a bright colour. She's inspired by the tactile shapes and surfaces of marbles, eggs and shells while she works - hoping to create objects that you can't help but take into your hand.

Jeweller Rose Ellen Cobb crafting her contemporary jewellery
Rose Ellen Cobb creates handmade jewellery using bone china, porcelain and silver. She often impresses materials such as vintage lace into the clay before it's fired to create intricate surface detail.

Melanie Bourget's figurative sculptures being subjected to the raku technique
Melanie Bourget's figurative sculptures are created using the raku technique: fired in a kiln until they heat up to 1800 degrees, then submerged into a metal can filled with combustible materials such as paper. The fire and smoke reacts with the glaze to create vibrant, one-of-a-kind results.

Glass artist Janine Partington uses hand-cut stencils and enamelling to make her pieces - a delicate task
Janine Partington creates decorative glass items such as clocks and ornaments using hand-cut stencilling. Her aim is to combine modern, fresh designs with traditional craft techniques, with enamelling being one of the main processes she uses.

Mantel clocks by Janine Partington
Origin 2011 runs 22-28 September at Spitalfields Market, London E1 6EW.