Audi unveils urban concept

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Audi has announced its latest concept car: an electric vehicle designed for urban use, which weighs just 480kg. Featuring elements of a racing car, a city car and a roadster, its lightweight frame was inspired by a sailplane while its interior references an aeroplane cockpit.

Audi's designers and engineers used this question as their starting point: “How much car is necessary to deliver driving pleasure and urban mobility in an entirely new way?” The cabin is sleek and modern, with highlights of russet red, and offers a comfortable environment for two passengers - with entrance via an unusual slide-back canopy.

The exterior design is contemporary while nodding to the style of the 1930s - particularly the Auto Union racecars of the time, from which the urban concept draws its freestanding wheels and elongated form.

The floor of the cabin is covered by a mat made of a water-repellant and durable textile originally developed for athletic shoes. Seats are covered with cloth and edged with kangaroo leather, while aluminium accents are used for the dashboard.

Audi's Wireless Charging technology allows the car to begin charging automatically as soon as it is driven onto a charging plate, and stops when the charge is complete. Later versions of the technology will allow it to be installed residentially and more widely internationally.

The urban concept also marks the point of entry for further forays into the EV market in the near future.