Furniture by David Ericsson

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Swedish designer David Ericsson created a series of seven pieces of furniture and lighting using just two materials: beech, and vegetable tanned leather. A skilled carpenter, Ericsson created the pieces by hand and left joints and construction details exposed so that users can appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the making process.

Cabinet by David Ericsson
Each piece is described not by function or concept, but by how Ericsson imagines it being used; so the Writing Desk is "a place to write your poems", the Chair is "to sit and wonder", and the Desk Lamp is to "light your poems".

Writing Desk with Lamp, by David Ericsson
WGSN-homebuildlife loves Cabinet, which uses a fastening more commonly found on a manila envelope;: to see more on this trend, read our recent Fastenings analysis.

Desk Lamp by David Ericsson
The Human Lamp by David Ericsson
Library Lamp by David Ericsson

Leather Chair by David Ericsson