Cork couture: Anna Grindi interviewed by the New York Times

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Anna Grindi's non-woven cork fabric; image via New York Times
Italian designer Anna Grindi spent more than a decade developing a non-woven fabric using cork, reports the New York Times. Once she had hit on a winning formula, she opened her own store dedicated to products made using the fabric - located in Tempio Pausania, Italy. Named after the Latin word for cork, Suberis is now four years old and has recently begun stocking Grindi's latest innovation: cork tiles for interiors.

Subiris, Ms Grindi's cork atelier in Italy; image via New York Times
Grindi is currently developing a range of cork-based garden furniture, and is also experimenting with a rot-proof covering for decking. Read the full article here; subscribers can also read our latest materials update on cork.