Agnetha Sjögren's dog sculptures

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mr Globetrotter by Agnetha Sjögren

Swedish artist Agnetha Sjögren creates life-size sculptures of dogs, standing alert, using a base structure of wire and plaster and then a different surface material each time. These range from leathers, vintage fabrics and recycled materials to other, more unusual surfaces - such as Rioja, a dog who is made from the corks of wine bottles. Here are some of WGSN-homebuildlife's favourites from the collection.
Doggybag by Agnetha Sjögren

Sjögren began creating the sculptures to help with her fear of real-life dogs. The artist explains: "I am afraid of dogs and I wanted to show people what a 'nice' dog is. My dogs don't eat bark, jump, bite, drool or need to go out for a poop. They sit or stand 'nicely' all day long, you can come and go as you please without having to worry about them... Now that is a 'nice' dog!"

Rioja by Agnetha Sjögren

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Coffee (Golden Blend) by Agnetha Sjögren