Tiny Houses by Tumbleweed

Monday, 11 July 2011

WGSN's US editors love the tiny houses designed by Jay Shafer, founder of the California-based company Tumbleweed. The houses range in size from 874 square feet all the way down to a truly tiny 65 square feet, the smallest of which use puzzle-like configurations to fit appliances, and functional spaces such as sleep lofts and kitchens.

For prices from $38,000 to $53,000, customers can purchase ready-made tiny houses or for $400 to $800, the plans to a house for DIY building. People can own their home for a fraction of the price of a most American houses, and the tiny houses are built on trailers, creating cozy travelling homes.

Tumbleweed is a part of a small house movement in the US that is addressing people's desires to simplify their lives, live smaller and lower their carbon footprint. Tiny houses allow builders to choose the materials that go into their house, as well as energy sources and aesthetic finishes. The result is a growing number of cute, tiny houses around the US.