Mobility concepts at the Bezalel Academy graduation show

Monday, 25 July 2011

CUB- Compact Urban Bump Car (2011) Ayelet Fishnam, courtesy of Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem
The Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem recently held their annual end-of-the-year exhibition for the graduating students of the Department of Industrial Design. Each of these projects represents thousands of hours of research, development and design, and is the culmination of four years of hard work. Looking into matters of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, the projects shown at this year’s exhibition covered many facets of industrial design - most notably, perhaps, in the area of transportation.

Based on the production capabilities of local industries, Dror Peleg’s FRII Israeli Bicycle uses injection moulds as opposed to traditional metal frames, creating a new design that could sustain local production and create jobs in Israel.

FRII Israeli Bicycle (2011) Dror Peleg, courtesy of Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem
Gal Dror’s HI-BREED was born from the observation that much of traffic is unused space. The car is a two-seat car equipped with an additional three-seat attachment allowing the driver to only use what is necessary. The car also comes with a supplemental benzene engine to allow for greater travel range, making it more fuel efficient than the average hybrid vehicle. 
HI-BREED (2011) Gal Dror, courtesy of Belzalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem
A similar concept is Itzik Me-ir’s ‘City Runner’, a single passenger taxi allowing more mobility for the urban-dweller on the move. It's compact size allows the vehicle to manouver through crowded city streets, reaching it's destination in less time than the average taxi.

City Runner (2011) Itzik Me-ir, courtesy of Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem
All of the projects in the exhibition show advances in technology and a modern outlook for the future of design. Look out for the WGSN-homebuildlife's full report on The Bezalel Academy graduation show, to be published on Wednesday.