HBL Exhibitions: Jerwood Makers Open

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Flicker (2011) by Farah Bandookwala, photograph by Tomas Rydin

At London gallery Jerwood Space's first Jerwood Makers Open, works by four contemporary makers are on show - with exhibits ranging from interactive motion-based pieces to a dogged exploration of glaze. WGSN-homebuildlife attended the launch yesterday to take a look.

Farah Bandookwala is showing a number of large-scale sculptural ceramic pieces, influenced by her experience as a jewellery designer. The surprise for the visitor is that each piece reacts to your presence: one unfurls as you approach while another lights up when you place your hands on its surface. A third piece, shaped like a crustaceon, vibrates when held - and you are encouraged to pick it up.

Float (2011) by Keith Harrison, photograph by Tomas Rydin

Keith Harrison's ceramic sound system dominates the entrance of Jerwood Space, and sees him combine clay, electricity and music. Reggae dub will reverberate through large ceramic speakers, flowing through ceramic connectors at the back of the system. Harrison told us that the ceramics will have a noticeable effect on the music, affecting the volume in places.

Cobblestones (2009+) by Emmanuel Boos, photograph by Tomas Rydin

Emmanuel Boos has filled the last room of the exhibition with his explorations into achieving the perfect glaze. Wall pieces and sample cubes show his attempts, each of which is richly coloured and textured - great for material inspiration.

Avis I (2011) by Heike Brachlow, photograph by Tomas Rydin
And finally, Heike Brachlow is showing a series of balancing glass sculptures. Their appearance is of oversized jewellery, and the translucent colours used will change throughout the day according to the light in the gallery.

The exhibition runs until 28 August 2011, and will then tour the UK.