Err by Jeremy Hutchison

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Untitled (Pipe), Soner Demirel, Pipsan Pipes, Istanbul, Turkey

Artist Jeremy Hutchison's new project, entitled Err, began with him asking factories worldwide to create "incorrect" versions of the objects they create everyday. Hutchison agreed to buy the wrongly made item, but did not prescribe the fault he wanted, instead leaving it to the individual factoryworker to choose what to 'get wrong'.

Untitled (Comb), Mr Kartick, Mr Ram, Mr Vikash, Star Creations Ltd, Kolkata, India

The result is a series of intriguingly mis-made objects - as well as a comb with no prongs and a pipe that cannot hold tobacco, there are versions of a ladder, walking stick and pair of glasses. Hutchison is also displaying the bemused replies he received from the factory's workers, such as "customers would like to buy combs which can comb hair..."

Hutchison explains, "It's about the rub between art and design, the mass-produced and unique, the functional and the dysfunctional."

Story and images via Creative Review. The project is part of a group exhibition at London's Paradise Row gallery, beginning 8 July and running to 13 August 2011.