Yi-Cong Lu at DMY Berlin 2011

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Leipzig-based designer Yi-Cong Lu showed a collection of adaptable furniture at DMY Berlin this week which enables the user to "individually adjust living spaces".

The designer's minimal, problem-solving approach mirrors our autumn/winter 12/13 macrotrend Radical Neutrality, which sees the design industry "balancing extremes, dissolving dissonance, and creating with moderation and reason. Radical neutrality is the design version of fashion's new modesty. This serene revolution focuses on intelligence, function and subtle decoration."

Lu says of the project, "Today's lifestyles are highly varied and individual. Static layouts, and the resulting space utilisation, are proven to not be flexible enough. A living room can be a temporary office and in the next moment serve as impromptu sleeping quarters."

To this end, he has included an adjustable lamp, multi-section curtain partition and convertible desk/clothes rack/shelf in the collection.

[via Dezeen]

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