Jill Shaddock at the MMU degree show 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

Bowls and cups by Jill Shaddock

Ceramic artist Jill Shaddock's beautiful range of tableware is one of the stand-out exhibits at Manchester Metropolitan University's 2011 degree show.

Noodle set 
Shaddock developed the layering process used in each piece herself, refining the colour palettes and methods of application as she went on. Inspired by wooden patinas and the ageing process of natural materials, Shaddock has composed a series of objects, from a sushi set to a sugar stirrer, with each one bearing her trademark layered slipcast technique and a serene palette of blues, greys and neutral tones enhanced with a dash of lemon yellow.

Bowl detail
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Tea set with stirrer

The show runs until Wednesday at All Saints campus, just off Oxford Road in Manchester.

Cups of varying sizes

Sushi set