Drawing Water by David Wicks

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Midwest, Winter 2011, from Drawing Water by David Wicks

These images by California-based artist David Wicks have been digitally created using mapping software, generated from US water consumption and rainfall data.

Southwest, Winter 2011, from Drawing Water by David Wicks

The images visually represent the relationship between where water falls and where it is used within the United States, exposing the fact that water is often relocated for use to areas far from where it has originated. Each print charts a season of rainfall, from spring 2010 through to winter 2011.

Winter 2011 from Drawing Water by David Wicks

Wick explains further: "Each line in a print corresponds to a daily rainfall measurement. The length of the line and its initial placement are determined by the amount of rainfall measured and where it fell. The final placement and colour of each line are determined by the influence of urban water consumers. The more water a city uses, the stronger its pull on the rainfall. As rainfall is pulled further from where it fell, it changes colour from blue to black."