Curious Ways of the Olden Days by Saadiqah Rahman

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Root Brush & Tooth Powder by Saadiqah Rahman
One of the stand-out designers at Camberwell College of Arts' 2011 degree show was Saadiqah Rahman, a graduate of the 3D Design programme whose collection, Curious Ways of the Olden Days, pays homage to traditional Bengali social customs through a range of intricate and unusual jewellery.

Silver  Toothpick with Cuttle Cast Pewter Mirror by Saadiqah Rahman

The collection comprises three functional necklaces: one contains a root brush and a cap of tooth powder, a traditional pairing of items which ensure fresh breath; the second is a small mirror with matching toothpick to allow its user to freshen up after a meal; the third a small set of paan-daan, leaves and nuts which are chewed as palate cleansers and digestive aids.

Stacking Paan-daan by Saadiqah Rahman

Rahman says of the project, "this collection of functional jewellery celebrates the utilitarian principles of a dying generation. The aim here is not to preserve these village ways of life but to make a physical remark on the way things once were, and the reasons for change."

Root Brush & Tooth Powder by Saadiqah Rahman
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