HBL Exhibitions: New Olds

Monday, 9 May 2011

Fixie lamp by Dag Hunted; photo by Inbal Marmari

Design Museum Holon's new exhibition, 'New Olds: Design between tradition and innovation', highlights the work of contemporary designers whose practice involves reinterpreting motifs from the past.

Mesh chairs by Tal Gur; photo by Ohad Matalon

Curated by Volker Albus, the show runs 26 May - 10 September 2011, and features work by 60 designers including Maarten Baas, Bertjan Pot (read our interview with Pot here), Marcel Wanders, Studio Makkink & Bey, Tal Gur, and Big Game.

Goldenage by Meirav Peled Barzilay; photo by Naama Rona
Established cultural signifiers - such as the Persian carpet, antler hunting trophy, Delft vase, cantilevered chair and Baroque wardrobe - are all the subject of reinterpretation by modern-day designers.

Plus de Madam Rubens by Frank Willems; photo by Serge Hagemeier

Albus explains: "The past, or rather the forms of the past are omnipresent. But they are not idealized and not ridiculed, and also not merely used as a historical characteristic or a self-referential quotation... These forms from the past are brought into the present and in the best way made compatible for everyday use."

Monothone 01 Bearbeitet by Martino Gamper; photo by Anna Arca
Albus's article explaining the theme of the exhibition in detail is available to read here.

Raw 001 by Haim Parnas; photo by Shay Halevi
Werkstadt Kabinett by Studio Makkink & Bey; photo by Frank Kleinbach

Blown Away vase by Front; photo by Maarten van Houten