HBL Analysis: Pinch Food Design

Friday, 20 May 2011

Pinch Food Design

New US catering/entertainment company Pinch Food Design is setting out to re-imagine entertaining. Founded by chef Bob Spiegel and designer TJ Girard, Pinch have so far launched a range of "food furniture" which aims to solve many of the everyday problems of catering scenarios.

Pinch bowl

The Pinch bowl is described by its designers as "a custom-designed plate/bowl intended to rest atop a wine or drink glass, enabling guests to eat with a fork while holding a beverage."

Pinch fork

The Pinch fork, meanwhile, is "used for serving several layers of food without compromising the integrity of each individual ingredient."

Pinch Food Design

The bamboo picks (top picture) allow two canapes to be served or selected at once, one skewered onto the tip and one perched at the other end.

WGSN-homebuildlife favourite is the spoke serving tray, pictured above, which presents each delicacy individually and encourages guests to help themselves using delicate picking and plucking actions.

Pinch Food Design
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[via Designmilk]