HBL Analysis: Mined materials

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The César Manrique Foundation, Lanzarote
WGSN-homebuildlife explores how traditional mined materials are being reinvented with the application of new processes and techniques, taking a look at some of the most exciting examples of this new approach - from traditional crafts to high technology.

Magnetic rings by Laurent Milon
Using a unique process, French designer Laurent Milon has found a way to preserve the beautiful magnetic interference patterns in iron filings and attach the outcomes to jewellery.

Lightweight Porcelain collection by Djim Berger
Dutch designer Djim Berger adds polystyrene balls, which consist of 98% air, to a ceramic slurry before firing the material in a kiln. The polystyrene balls are burnt away, leaving a lightweight and porous collection of furniture.

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