Thursday, 10 March 2011

'Perch' by Pierre Favresse

'Nouvelle Vague: the New French Domestic Landscape',  conceived and curated by design critic Cédric Morisset, will be presented at the French Cultural Center in Milan from April 12-17.

Morisset has assembled a group of individual, underground French designers who are beginning to make a name for themselves. Together they represent a new wave of vitality in French design: Pierre Favresse, Pool, Ionna Vautrin, A+A Cooren and Nocc.

Oeil de Sorcière" mirror by Ionna Vautrin
According to Morisset, "Never has France known such entrepreneurial fever in the area of design. In just three years, the French design market has seen more new furniture editors (Petite Friture, Moustache, Superette, Specimen, Goodbye Edison...), but also design galleries (Ymer & Malta, Next Level, Fat Galerie, Galerie BSL, Galerie Gosserez) than it has in the past ten years.

In this short time, their dedication to finding new designers and commercializing their work, has allowed a remarkable generation of young designers to come forth.

'Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir' chair by Pool
Provocative, polyglot and entrepreneurial, these designers take risks, produce their own work, and open it up to the world."
Brass bookshelves by nocc