HBL Events: Arthur at Moss New York City

Friday, 4 March 2011

Last night marked the opening of ARTHUR, the latest exhibit at Moss, which runs through April 15, 2011. The exhibit opened concurrently with The Armory art show in New York City and challenges function’s place as the traditional line between art and design.

Owner Murray Moss says, "While we have never in fact understood the obsessive need for clarity when it comes to identifying a work as Art or Design, nor perceived a danger in exhibiting together functional and non-functional creative works (we do think grown-ups can handle such juxtapositions), we have decided this time to avoid the issue altogether. Extrapolating from the male nickname ‘Art’, we have decided to name this exhibition—which we hope will contribute to an eventual acceptance of the possibility of fluidity between disciplines—by the more formal, more mature male name, ‘Arthur’."