HBL Contract: Capisco Puls by HÅG

Thursday, 10 March 2011

WGSN-homebuildlife takes an in-depth look at the Capisco Puls chair, designed by Peter Opsvik for Scandinavian office seating brand HÅG. The newly launched model is a reinterpretation of the original Capisco chair, introduced in 1984, and features a number of additional design details alongside a minimized carbon footprint.
Capisco Puls by Peter Opsvik for HÅG

Retained from the original Capisco, the Puls features a seat design based on a saddle: within the field of ergonomics, the way that you are forced to sit when riding a horse - with good posture, legs extended and in constant movement - is considered the best for the body, especially for the duration of a full working day.

Capisco Puls by Peter Opsvik for HÅG

The Puls also includes elbow rests rather than the more traditional arm rests. After studying the way that an office chair is used, HÅG discovered that people like to rest their elbows but not usually their whole arms - and without arm rests, the chair can be brought much closer to a table or workbench. This innovation also means that less material is used in the chair's manufacture.

Castor detail of Capisco Puls by Peter Opsvik for HÅG

Lastly, WGSN-homebuildlife's favourite details were the foot grips located on top of each castor. This discreet but clever addition is a direct reaction to our tendency to rest our feet on the base of the chair as we move about.

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