reGeneration2: Tomorrow's Photographers Today, Aperture Gallery

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Untitled (shipwreck) from the belly of the whale series by Robin Friend, 2008
reGeneration2 is an exhibition of up and coming photographers from around the world, which is currently showing at the Aperture gallery in Chelsea, New York. Curators at the Musée de l'Elysée selected eighty of the most promising candidates from some seven hundred entries submitted by 120 of the world's top photography schools. The resulting exhibition offers a fascinating insight into how today's young photographers view the world, how they respect, build on, or reject tradition, and whether they choose the darkroom, the computer lab, or both, to make their art.

Mike. Del Rio, TX. 2008 by Jen Davis

WGSN-homebuildlife is particularly interested to see how the young photographers are mixing both traditional and digital techniques to create hybrid imagery that blurs the distinction between reality and fiction. The topic of digitally altered photography was highlighted in the research and reference for WGSN's autumn/winter 2011/12 macro trend Faux Real, where it was argued that digitally altered photographs are becoming as artistically valid as their traditionally created counterparts; this exhibition confirms the trend.

10/22/07, Jackson Heights by Yusuke Nishimura
One of our favourite works was by Japanese photographer Yusuke Nishimura, who exhibited one print from a series of experiments involving the varying temperatures of light. By projecting light onto a blank wall, Nishimura creates live installations examining the fluctuations in pattern and hue of light as it changes over the course of the day. The light on the wall is photographed on transparencies, which are then scanned and digitally composited to create what Nishimura considers to be the most accurate rendering of his impression of the light shifting over time. The resulting prints are ethereal, delicate, and scientific.

The exhibition is on show until March 17, 2011 at the Aperture Gallery in New York.