HBL Tradeshows: Live from Stockholm Furniture Fair

Friday, 11 February 2011

Tube Me by Elinor Anna Malin Ericsson at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

WGSN reports live from Stockholm Furniture Fair,  presenting the three key trends to emerge so far at the annual event:

1. Greenery

Pots and planters incorporated into furniture signalled an attempt to bring nature indoors and improve air quality (read our recent trend report on this). Low tables with individual spaces for pots and wall mounted displays resembling a TV bursting with foliage were the highlights.

2. Frames with loose upholstery

Simple frames with loose cushions or covers woven, draped, stuffed or piled into them provided an interesting take on casual comfort. In many cases the upholstery could be removed and reformed in new ways. These pieces represent casual style taken to the next level of slouchy flexibility.

3. Brass detailing

Brass featured regularly as a complement to plain or painted wood, adding an elegant highlight to simple forms. Often used for functional details (fastenings, handles or mechanisms) the material references craftsmanship and scientific instrumentation.