HBL Materials: A/W 12/13 direction

Friday, 14 January 2011

Aqua Chair by Hyun-Dae Kang: animated water jets create a physical seat before the waterfall effect fades

WGSN-homebuildlife's Materials team have released their key directions for autumn/winter 2012/13, comprising six original trends which will inform product and design development across form, surface and finish.

Transsolar and Tetsuo Kondo's Cloudscapes installation uses a controlled microclimate

It's always interesting to see which directions you can already see the roots of. Atmospheric explores the movement towards immersive sensory spaces, including the consideration of light, scent and sound as materials in their own right. The emphasis on olfaction and tailoring a fragrance to a space is very much coming through in interiors at present: subscribers will be able to read our latest trend analysis on the subject early next week.

Wald aus Wald (forest from forest) by Kuribayashi Takashi, 2010
Les Aments (Filet) by Noemie Goudal, 201
Hyun-Dae Kang
Wald aus Wald by Kuribayashi Takashi
Noemie Goudal