HBL Analysis: Ruth Mastenbroeke launches scented homewear

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

As a result of consumers seeking multi-sensory experiences, use of fragrance within the home and public spaces has become widespread - confirming WGSN-homebuildlife’s spring/summer 2011 macrotrend Sensory.

Feeding into this trend, English perfumer Ruth Mastenbroeke has developed her first home fragrance range, combining homewear with microencapsulation technology to create a luxuriously scented bathrobe.

Hundreds of microcapsules are broken when the fabric is rubbed, causing Ruth Mastenbroek’s signature fragrance to be released. Priced at £120, the cotton bathrobe is available in an ivory colourway and can be washed numerous times while retaining thousands of microcapsules. The bathrobe is available for purchase on Ruth Mastenbroek’s website and is exclusive to Fortum and Mason.

Retailers and curators have reacted to the trend with displays that involve scent, as seen in Ralph Lauren’s recent 4D spectacle, which distributed fragrances from four digitally-generated perfume bottles.

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