HBL Analysis: Laundry room bathroom

Monday, 10 January 2011

As seen on My Ideal Home
In recent years, we have been seeing and experiencing interesting merges and design influences between spaces: a few examples being indoors and outdoors, home and office, kitchen and dining room. During the last few interiors trade shows, WGSN spotted another interesting transitional trend: the laundry-room-bathroom.

Having an area exclusively dedicated to laundry is increasingly a luxury many cannot afford. Architects and interior designers are therefore tackling the challenge of relocating this aspect of home life to a different room of the house. Moving the washing machine and tumble drier to the bathroom is a plausible choice, but why stop there?
Riva 1920 at Eurocucina 2010, Milan
Laundry room features are invading the bathroom alongside the appliances, and we have already had a glimpse of the first results: larger and deeper washbasins, unpretentious materials, minimal shapes and simple fittings lead the way. Subscribers can see how this trend confirms our spring/summer 2011 macrotrend, Fair & Square, and also view all of our bath trend reports here.