HBL Analysis: designing for disaster

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Atelier Van Lieshout
WGSN-homebuildlife normally forecasts 2-5 years into the future, with Think Tank providing long-term analyses of consumer behaviour and Creative Direction tracking the cultural and societal developments which will shape our future macro trends. However, this week we have examined a more extreme vision of the future, where ecological disaster and apocalyptic scenarios have forced us to drastically rethink our behaviours.

Wearable Home by Mary Mattingly
Subscribers can read how the Your Space mindset is manifesting in architectural and spatial design in our report on protective shelters, and then see the results of three different approaches to catastrophe (anticipatory, reactionary, and finally using the subject for creative inspiration) in our report on designing for disaster.

The Pierre, a house built into rock, by Olson Kundig Architects
Elements S(urvival) coat by Veronika Scott

Atelier Van Lieshout
Mary Mattingly
Olson Kundig Architects
Veronika Scott