HBL Retail: The story of a mug by Byggstudio

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Everyday Life Books, the publishing arm of design and lifestyle magazine Apartamento, have teamed up with Italian design brand Iittala to launch Historien om en mugg (The story of a mug), a book by Byggstudio which charts the history of the everyday domestic mug.

The publication tracks the production process of a typical mug from the inception of its design to the factory it is made at, and onwards through its lifetime of use. Sections in the book include ten people describing their favourite mug and detailing their attachment to it; the varying uses of different types of mug; and "thoughts on mugs in general".

Originally written for Iittala in 2008, the new edition has been revised and lengthened in honour of its reissue. It forms part of Iittala's Local Mug Initiative, a scheme which sees its classic Teema mug, originally designed in 1952 by Kaj Franck, reinterpreted by a number of modern design practices.