HBL Materials Analysis: Chris Lefteri on Reimagination

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Flake textile by Woodnotes
Materials expert Chris Lefteri writes for Homebuildlife this week on the subject of 'reimagination'. This new movement sees designers reacting to the economic downturn with a mixture of ingenuity, defiance and optimism about what the future may bring.

Ruhrsteine concrete skipping stones by Formfjord
Lefteri profiles the designers who are reinventing the ways we use traditional materials like wood, leather, plastic and metal - including WGSN favourite, Simon Hasan, who uses boiled leather to achieve startlingly tactile results, and Seongyong Lee, whose RCA graduation project Tubeply is one of the stand-out designs of this year.
Boiled leather stool by Simon Hasan
WGSN, homebuildlife subscribers can read the full report here.