HBL Events: Mini Scooter E at
Paris Motor Show

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Last week WGSN contributor Lisa White reported from The Paris Motor Show, where she commented on the wide selection of electric cars on show. However, while electric cars are going mainstream, two avant-garde economy carmakers, Mini and Smart, also exhibited new electric scooter concepts. The Mini Scooter E, shown above,was described as ' A new electric vision of the future'.

The scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery, which powers an electric motor mounted in the rear wheel. The Scooter E can be recharged at a power socket using an on-board retractable charging cable stored in the rear fairing. The rider's smartphonelocks into the central speedo and acts as a vehicle key, display, sat-nav, music player or as a phone itself and can be connected via Bluetooth to the rider’s helmet. Additionally, using Google maps. the rider can view the position of other scooters in the vicinity; they can then connect to each other and be invited to ride together.