Window Displays

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, April 2010
A great window display turns heads, tells a story and presents an exciting vision combining products with props. Some retailers have the resources to create outlandish tableau while others opt for concise, realistic presentations incorporating key products. Whatever form they take, the best displays excite and entice, communicating aspects of the brand in an emotive and inspiring way.

Selfridges, Sounds of the Mind, designed by Florence and the Machine, May 2010
Central London is one of the world’s premier locations for outstanding window dressing, being home to the classic department stores, Selfridges, Liberty and Fortnum and Mason as well as the top fashion houses on Bond Street. Walking around these areas is a great way to discover interesting ideas and sources of inspiration.

Ralph Lauren, Bond Street, May 2010
In such a competitive market it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and present astory that can be absorbed instantly. WGSN asked Howard Tooze, Windows Creative Manager for Ralph Lauren in London, how he creates memorable displays. He states that the starting point is always to select the right products to represent the current season’s trend, which can be a mix of pieces from various departments: “We want to show as many interesting pieces as possible.” The items then need to be combined with the right props to enhance the brand story and finally Tooze emphasises the importance of lighting to create shadows and colour, bringing the sets to life. “We treat our windows as if we’re taking the best bits from a movie.”

The ideas and methods used in innovative window displays can be applied to help bring the best out of products either in a retail or home environment.
Liberty, 135 years of Liberty, May 2010

Ralph Lauren Home, Bond Street, May 2010
Alyn Griffiths