Hidden Brimfield Treasures

Friday, 14 May 2010

I am back from two days at the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Market and left pondering the American take on the importance of aesthetics. The wares on display were as beautiful and interesting as their stage was unsightly.

Set up within mustard colored circus tents, everything from porcelain tea sets to hand-stitched quilts had a sickly yellow glow. Open air booths were no better, as sale items shared shelf space with half finished juice bottles and the booth owner's lunch scraps. No matter how spectacular a certain find was -- I bought an amazing pair of leather loafers for $20 -- it was surely dampened behind a veil of clutter and ugly, which even the keenest of eyes could have trouble seeing past.

This is, however a part of the lure and charm of Brimfield -- come to Massachusetts and find hidden treasures in a heap of junk -- a sentiment that can be applied to any vintage market in middle America. Antiques in the US are just as treasured and beautiful as anywhere in the world, but the aesthetics and attention to detail at the vintage markets are sometimes as hidden as the treasures themselves.

Jean Lin
USA Editor, Interiors